Jan 122018

Dans le cadre des travaux (dans le secteur tertiaire) qui vous sont confiés, vous établissez une relation de confiance avec le client, et gérer vos chantiers. – Vous préparez les plannings (études, personnel, sous-traitants, fournitures) …

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Questions Typiques
Describe A Time When Your Team Did Not Agree Questions pertaining to difficulties in the past are a way for employers to anticipate your future behavior by understanding how you behaved in the past and what you learned. Clarify the situation succinctly and explain what specific action you took to come to a consensus with the group. Then describe the result of that action.
Questions à poser
What is the next step in the process? This is the essential last question and one you should definitely ask. It shows that you’re interested in moving along in the process and invites the interviewer to tell you how many people are in the running for the position.