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Organization: Médecins Sans Frontières
Country: France
Closing date: 08 Mar 2018

The purpose of MSF OCP’s medical department is to implement/achieve MSF’s social mission, through our medical leadership, expertise and advocacy.

This is achieved by:

-Co-constructing medico-operational strategies
-Providing pertinent, context-adapted medical support
-Assuring continuing quality improvement and respect for medical ethics in our operations
-Leading operational research and new medical approaches
-Advocating internally and externally, based on our field needs, experience and research.
-Providing the linkage between MSF and the external medical world.

The position of Clinical Leader, Response to Outbreaks (40%) /Vaccination Referent (60%) is being created in 2018, to support the MSF OCP medical department in better achieving this purpose and the ambitions of the MSF OCP Strategic Plan 2017-2019.

Activities and tasks:

Under responsibility of the Medical director, the key responsibilities of the position of Clinical Leader are:

-To enhance MSF OCP’s response to outbreaks and emerging diseases, through coordinating a multidisciplinary network of HQ staff (Operations/e-cell, logistics and watsan, medical and laboratory referents, pharmacists, and medical cell, etc)

-To provide clinical leadership for colleagues, encouraging professional development, development of expertise and skills within the team, and knowledge sharing.

-To improve transversality and collegial teamwork and develop (with Operations and other MSF OCP departments) transversal and collaborative approaches to outbreaks and emerging diseases

-To act as a focal point for the above network with operational cells/ops and medical directors and other relevant internal actors (e.g. Logistics, Supply) and external networks as needed

-To ensure (with relevant referents) that appropriate tools, guidelines and technical resources for outbreak and emergency response to infectious and emerging diseases are available and up to date for the field/e-cell

-To support relevant operational research in outbreak contexts, in collaboration with Operations, referents and Epicentre.

-To stimulate/lead medico-operational strategic discussions and technical improvements within the team and across departments (med, ope, log)

-To orient, mentor/coach new/junior staff in the medical department

-In collaboration with the medical director/deputy, participate in recruitment and annual review of team members (within the medical department)

-In collaboration with the medical director/deputy, assure annual planning and reporting, and other functions as may be agreed from time to time between the medical director and clinical leader.

In addition as vaccination referent, in collaboration with the other vaccination referents:

-Develop and support implementation of new vaccination strategies/approaches in outbreak and conflict settings, including multi antigen campaigns and use of new vaccines (Hepatitis E, typhoid, PCV, rotavirus etc.) for a defined portfolio of countries

-Provide technical support for both routine and emergency/outbreak vaccination activities in coordination with Operations, for a defined portfolio of countries

-Act as MSF-OCP focal point for vaccination for the above portfolio of countries

-Propose and support development and implementation of new vaccination activities, EPI and outbreak responses

-Participate in review/development of vaccination guidelines and protocols

-Lead/support training related to vaccination and outbreak responses

-Contribute to the annual medical department plan, in line with the 3-year MSF-OCP Strategic Plan. Draw up the yearly analysis of medical activities

Profile/competencies :

-Nurse or medical doctor with at least 3 years field experience in humanitarian organizations; MSF experience is highly desirable

-Previous experience in leadership positions e.g. field coordination or HQ positions essential

-Practical experience and interest in vaccination in emergencies is essential (including experience in leading mass vaccination campaigns); a post-graduate qualification or other specialist expertise in vaccination an advantage

-Fluent in spoken and written French and English

-Leadership capacity, strong communication skills and ability to lead a team and network effectively

-Experience in emergency settings and ability to travel at short notice

-Willingness to work in insecure settings.

Status: 18 months contract– Full time – Based in Paris

Position to be filled: as soon as possible

Salary conditions: 53,49 K€ gross annual over 13 months. 22 days RTT per year. Complementary health supported 100% by Médecins Sans Frontières. Meal vouchers of 9€ (60% reimbursed by Médecins Sans Frontières). Support for 50% of the public transport subscription.

How to apply:

Thank you for submitting your application (cover letter and CV) online

Until March 8th included.

Seul(e)s les candidat(e)s dont les dossiers auront été retenus seront contacté(e)s.

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