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Organization: Solidarités International
Country: France
Closing date: 22 Mar 2018


A pourvoir : ASAP
Lieu : Siège de Solidarités International à Clichy- la-Garenne (92110) et international

SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL (SI) created in 2015 a department dedicated to emergency interventions: the “Emergency Desk”.

The Emergency Desk has the vocation to support SI response capacity in a context of humanitarian acute crisis, through 3 major modalities:

  • The immediate response in case of a natural disaster or of a sudden crisis of high intensity (earthquake in Nepal, Ebola epidemic, Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines)
  • The monitoring and opening missions on long term crises (Nigeria, Refugees crisis in Europe, Yemen, Ethiopia…)
  • The support to SI current missions to anticipate and react to sudden crises in intervention zone (DRC, Myanmar)

To deal with the consequent need for experimented co-workers, SI Emergency Desk put in place different mobilization mechanisms, including the Emergency Response Team (ERT).

The ERT is a HQ team of experts, deployed on emergency, exploratory and opening missions up to 70% of their working time, and implicated on emergency response improvement projects, up to 30%.

Directly linked to the Emergency Desk Manager, the ERT is the direct field emanation of SI emergency strategy’s intervention. The ERT is nowadays composed of 3 collaborators (Head of Mission, WASH Coordinator, Logistics Coordinator), and is intended to grow over the next two years.



  • The Emergency WaSH Specialist is in charge of all water, sanitation and hygiene response component within the ERT.
  • S/He prepares – from HQ – and monitors – on the field – the smooth running of SI WaSH related response deployment. S/He is in charge of the initial technical assessment, first design and initiation of the response
  • S/He actively contribute to the mission’s strategy and to its implementation once it has been validated
  • On the field, S/He monitors projects, ensuring that they are implemented in accordance with SI’s charter and complying with internal and contractual procedures.
  • Along with the ERT and Emergency Desk collaborator, s/he follows up the maintenance, mobilization and deployment of the Emergency stockpile.
  • S/He actively contribute to the management knowledge process when related to the emergency response.

1. Emergency Field Deployment (70% of time assignment) :

During emergency deployments, the ERT WASH Coordinator’s main tasks lie in conducting rapid needs assessments, analysis and prioritization of urgent WASH response needs and managing the design, implementation and coordination of emergency WASH interventions. The ERT WASH Coordinator can also be deployed for training staff and for emergency related technical support missions. The length of deployment will generally be limited to 8 to 10 weeks. The emergency WASH specialist will be in charge of :

  1. Emergency Assessments
  2. Programme Design and Strategic Orientations
  3. Management / Implementation of the Emergency Response
  4. Reporting and External Coordination
  5. Training and Technical support

2. In SI headquarters (30% of time assignment) :

In SI’s headquarters, the ERT WASH Coordinator is in charge of supporting SI’s Emergency Preparedness and Response strategy. He/She is also involved in SI’s internal knowledge building related to WASH in emergencies. The Emergency WASH specialist will participate to:**

  1. Strategy & Preparedness
  2. Internal Knowledge Building


Line Manager: Emergency Desk manager, and during field deployments, under the responsibility of the Emergency or other relevant Country Directors.

Functional Manager : Technical Department Coordinator

Manages : WASH teams during field deployments


Candidates must be able to interact with sensitivity and display respect for diversity and gender in multi-cultural environments.

  • Commitment to the aims and principles of SI.
  • University degree in Water, Sanitation, Public Health or equivalent fields of expertise.
  • 3+ years of work experience in WASH related programs including in emergency contexts
  • Proven skills and experience in undertaking emergency WASH assessments and designing/writing quality technical proposals in WASH
  • Proven experience in program development, project cycle management and monitoring and evaluation related to WASH
  • Strong management skills and proven management experience. Previous experience in a coordination or HQ position is desirable.
  • Excellent communication skills and demonstrated experience of Liaising with a broad range of stakeholders, including international donors, UN agencies and INGOs, national authorities, national/local partner agencies and emergency affected communities
  • Capacity and willingness to be extremely flexible; ability to work under pressure, cope with stressful situation and insecure working circumstances.
  • Commitment to and skills in capacity building and training of staff partners and other actors related to WASH
  • Culturally sensitive with qualities of patience, tact and diplomacy
  • A high level of written and spoken in English and French
  • Creativity and the ability to work with limited resources
  • Strong command of French is desirable


  • Statut cadre.
  • Based in Clichy (30%) with frequent field deployments (70% of assignment)
  • Gross salary: 2680 EUR per month + per diem of 500 USD per month on average during field deployments (depending on the country of deployment).
  • Medical insurance 80% covered by SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL
  • In headquarters: transport fees covered 50% by SI and vouchers of 7 Euros per day are provided to cover part of lunch expenditures
  • Leave : 3.08 leave days per month (37 leave days per year)
  • R&R: 1 R&R day for each week-end spent in field deployment
  • Possibility to work from home (at least 2 days per month).
  • Transport costs from the applicant’s’ home to SI headquarters, and from the applicant’s home to the deployment field bases are 100% covered by SI.


Philippe Bonnet, Head of Emergency Desk

How to apply:

Does this description fit you? Please send your CV and Cover letter in English to

Philippe Bonnet, Head of Emergency Desk

CV only applications will not be considered.

NB: The vacancy may close before the deadline. Thank you for your comprehension

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