Mar 102018

Organization: CartONG
Country: France
Closing date: 15 Apr 2018

This position is for you :

  • If you enjoy conceiving and managing small to large IM projects that you will help build from scratch
  • If you are keen managing all aspects of a small to medium size project including budgets, partner communication and outputs
  • If you love supporting fellow humanitarians on how to best collect, use, analyze, visualize and disseminate their operational data.
  • If you are ready to go the extra mile to empower others in the field and in HQ to make full use of available data to take decisions.
  • If working capacity building and skill transfer are important to you to make projects sustainable
  • If you enjoy talking to your counterparts and help them to figure out the best tools and procedures for their given situation
  • If you love traveling to the field
  • If you love transferring your skills and giving training workshops
  • If you are interesting in participating in the shaping of a growing humanitarian to humanitarian NGO*.*

I. Background

Founded in 2006, CartONG is a H2H (Humanitarian to Humanitarian) non-profit organization that specializes in providing Information Management services (with a particular emphasis on Geographic Information Systems and Mobile Data Collection) to humanitarian and development organizations. We support NGOs and International Organizations by providing tools, services and capacity building so they can better plan, implement, monitor and evaluate their programs; in other words: so it improves humanitarian aid effectiveness towards vulnerable populations.

CartONG is a young and dynamic agile team, supporting our partners remotely as well as in the field. We work with local, national and international organizations, in particular disaster relief and humanitarian NGOs & UN agencies (current partners: Doctors without Borders, UNHCR, Agence Francaise de Développement, Terre des hommes: full list available here). We are committed to addressing our partners’ needs, be it setting up the full data chain or just aspects of it. We are also known to be tool agnostic, ready to support the best fit in a given operation, be it proprietary or open source or a hybrid approach in taking the best of both.

Our headquarters are based in Chambéry (France) – a short train ride away from Geneva and Lyon and their international airports. Chambéry is a vibrant student and family city with many great bars and restaurants, located in the heart of the French Alps and surrounded by the Bauges and Chartreuse mountain ranges.

Currently, CartONG is seeking a mature individual to reinforce its IM/MDC team for the management and implementation of Information Management projects (more specifically Mobile Data Collection and related Data Analysis) and related capacity building.

II. Position

You are either a:

  1. A project manager with a humanitarian background and good knowledge of information management and related product and services, or you are
  2. An information manager officer/manager with experience in managing small to medium size projects

You will assume the management of many of our smaller to medium sized projects, you also will work technically on them, alone or with a team of technical people, depending on its nature and size.

Minimum of 7 years of working experience, out of which 5 in the humanitarian sector.

  • Contract Type: Fixed-term contract of 6 months (to be extended by mutual consent).
  • Start Date: ASAP
  • Workstation: at CartONG HQ (preferably) or in the area
  • Salary: 2600 to 3000€ brut for 39h/week, depending on experience
  • Advantages: Additional health coverage at 50% + Monthly bus pass at 50%

III. Tasks & Duties

In this context, your assignments are:

  1. Setting up a working relationship with the partners of projects managed
  2. Implementing Projects in Mobile Data Collection and Information Management,
  3. Overseeing technical staff assigned to your projects
  4. Working technically in core area of expertise, conducting tech watch and maintaining quality of products and services on projects where you are the lead
  5. Conducting field missions if applicable (trainings, project implementation)
  6. Working closely with CartONG Management team, upholding CartONG’s mission statement and its values.
  7. Looking for potential new projects with existing partners or new partners altogether

You will have to regularly travel in Europe or for short (1 to 4 weeks maximum) field missions (up to a third of your time). The position requires availability and flexibility, two characteristics inherent to the context of humanitarian organizations and Humanitarian to Humanitarian organisations more specifically.

IV. Experience

  • Strong experience in implementing IM and/or MDC projects technically (evaluating the needs, setting up tools, methodologies and procedures, planning and managing the associated capacity building…)
  • Relevant experience in Project management, including: finance, administration and team lead
  • Experience and the ability to live and work in diverse cultural contexts in a culturally appropriate manner. Capacity to make accurate self-assessment particularly in high stress and high security contexts

V. Technical Skills

Required Skills

  • Mobile Data Collection: ODK environment, experience with different MDC solutions; recommended: Kobo, Ona, SurveyCTO, Aggregate…
  • Data Analysis and Visualization tools, Business Intelligence Tools (such as Qlik, Tableau, Power Bi…)

A strong asset

  • Any knowledge on Geographical Information Systems

VI. Soft Skills

Required Skills

  • Work style: You are well organized and proactive, even within a multi-task working environment, and have a capacity for initiative and decision making with competent analytical and problem-solving skills. You are autonomous, liking working independently and collaboratively. You are interested in all components of project management, from the technical side to the admin and contractual aspects.
  • Communication Skills: You are able to communicate clearly and sensitively with internal and external stakeholders as a representative of CartONG. This includes effective negotiation and representation skills.
  • Resilience/Adaptability and flexibility: You are able to operate effectively under extreme circumstances including stress, high security risks and harsh living conditions. You are able to work and live with a flexible, adaptable and resilient manner.
  • Integrity: You demonstrate awareness and sensitivity to gender and diversity. You work with trustworthiness and integrity and have a clear commitment to core values and humanitarian principles.
  • People Skills: You are able to support and train local and international staff and also able to work with disaster affected communities in a sensitive and participatory manner. You have strong relational capacities allowing you to interact with other services of the organization (technical, communication, management …)
  • Language skills: A very good written and oral communication in English and French.

A strong asset

  • General finance, administration, information management applied to the humanitarian sector
  • Strong interest in new technologies/ICT

How to apply:

Applications to be submitted via online form:

Please make sure to select the correct position title when submitting your application.

Applications are open until recruitment.

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