May 162018

Lentreprise O2, leader en France depuis*6 dans les services à domicile : ménage, garde denfant, aide aux seniors, accompagnement des personnes en situation de handicap et dincapacité temporaire et jardinage Description de loffre …


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Questions Typiques
What's The Biggest Risk You've Ever Taken? Some roles require a high degree of tenacity and the ability to pick oneself up after getting knocked down. Providing examples of your willingness to take risks shows both your ability to fail and rebound, but also your ability to make risky or controversial moves that succeed.
Questions à poser
What is the single largest problem facing your staff and would I be in a position to help you solve this problem? This question not only shows that you are immediately thinking about how you can help the team, it also encourages the interviewer to envision you working at the position.