May 192018

Le groupe ANTARES est une ESN crée en*4 et spécialisée sur les métiers liés à la gestion des Infrastructures Informatiques, Production & Projet. Nous sommes certifiés ISO*1 et évalués ISO*00 (RSE). Nous recherchons actuellement…

Antares – Administración

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Questions Typiques
What Would The Person Who Likes You Least In The World Say About You? Highlight an aspect of your personality that could initially seem negative, but is ultimately a positive. An example? Impatience. Used incorrectly this can be bad in a workplace. But stressing timeliness and always driving home deadlines can build your esteem as a leader. And that'??s a great thing to show off in an interview.
Questions à poser
What constitutes success at this position and this firm or nonprofit? This question shows your interest in being successful there, and the answer will show you both how to get ahead and whether it is a good fit for you.