Jun 052018

Si chaque matin nous nous levons avec lappétit de notre métier, cest parce que nous travaillons sur des sujets passionnants : les produits alimentaires et la Restauration. Brake France (*0 collaborateurs, 26 agences commerciales et 45 s…

Brake France – Turismo, Hostelería

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Have You Ever Had A Supervisor Challenge A Decision? Interviewers are looking for an answer that shows humility--??and the ability to take direction. The anecdote should be telling, but it'??s the lesson learned, not the situation, that could land you the job.
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What skills and experiences would make an ideal candidate? This is a great open-ended question that will have the interviewer put his or her cards on the table and state exactly what the employer is looking for. If the interviewer mentions something you didn’t cover yet, now is your chance.